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About Tarjemly Live

Welcome to T-Live platform. We'll carefully introduce our ambitious project's innovative ideas and our official website's specific sections.

The idea of T-Live came from the market pain where foreigners are inevitably facing communication issues when they come to Turkey as visitors or residential purposes. The fundamental problem is in the differences between tongues. So it became a wounded must start an e-platform to help tourists and residents, and offer them translation services of all types.

Intentionally let us introduce the translation types provided by T-Live.


 Live Phone Translation 

Live Phone translation is available on T-live, mobile application (Android - iOS), allowing the users to get a live conference translation from reliable interpreters to translate what they want with the language they choose (Arabic - Turkish - English). He can also select the translation type (medical, touristic, business, or general). At the end of the call, we charge the users, the number of minutes spoken.


Live Text Translation

SMS translation is available on the website and the mobile app of T-Live (Android - iOS). It allows the users to photograph many texts with the mobile phone camera or even import SMS and send them to T-Live. The team will proceed to the translation team to start translation after the user selects the language, he wants the translation from (Arabic - Turkish - English). The cost is determined by the number of words translated..

Professional Document translation

With our professional document translation, such as catalogs, depositions, financial statements, contractual deeds, and many more from a particular. Our corporate guarantees towards the translations' quality, with a promise of excellence and correctness.


Request an interpreter

Our service brings a personal touch to bridging a language gap. We afford over 100 interpreters to move to your place and provide you with a high level of reliability, accuracy, and personal care.


How does T-Live platform work?

T-Live is much more like a freelancing portal as it allows the translators to join the T-live team with no commitment to provide translation services to the users. When the user downloads the mobile app, he can choose a translator, he wants, relying on other users' evaluations and ratings. The user can also add the translator to his favorite list to request his services quickly and easily. 

T-Live is responsible for all the payment operations and the balance calculations for users and translators.

How to become a T-live member?

You can become a member through our website or the mobile app. The username is your mobile number, so you can log in by using it. You can also top up your balance by T-Live prepaid cards, which are available in shops.

It will help if you read the conditions of the policy and privacy of our platform.

How to become a T-live member?

Are you a professional translator and want the work from your home without committing to a specific time or a place? 

Fill in the form with the required pieces of information, then undergo the approval exam to be accepted in T-Live's platform.